Recording of China’s Belt and Road Initiative – The Digital Silk Road: Business, National Security and Geopolitical Impact

Date & Time
30 June 2020 -
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

In May of 2017, Xi Jinping made the stunning announcement that big data would be integrated into China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to create China’s own version of a “Digital Silk Road.”

Since that time, China has moved quickly to incorporate the digital side along with its hard infrastructure development as an integral part of its Belt & Road Initiative by:

  • providing physical digital infrastructure (e.g., 5G cellular networks);
  • investing in the development of advanced technologies with important economic and strategic uses (e.g., artificial intelligence and quantum computing);
  • creating digital free trade zones to facilitate international e-commerce.

What are the implications of this for U.S. service and tech companies? Is your firm or its data potentially at risk? Does this impact the national security of the Host country?

*This webinar is the 2nd in the series and is intended to provide attendees with a deeper understanding of the digital and high tech side of China’s BRI and its challenging impact upon non-China tech firms and global commerce.

Following this “Digital Silk Road” Webinar we will conduct 2 additional webinars in this series:

  1. China’s BRI in the post-CoVid- 19 World. How exactly does the U.S. compete with China’s BRI? What does the future trade relationship between China and the U.S. look like? What do U.S. firms do for supply chain reorganization, onshoring, diversification and new markets? How does the USMCA fit into this picture? What about other options and markets?  (Mid-Summer, 2020).
  2. The USMCA: A Beneficiary of the Post-CoVid 19 world. It is also an integral part of the U.S. competitive response to China’s BRI. A comprehensive look at the options and opportunities afforded to U.S. firms via both the USMCA as well as new developments in our partner countries, Mexico and Canada, that your firm needs to be cognizant of. (Late Summer, Fall, 2020).

Date:  June 30, 2020

Time: 2-3 pm EST

Place:  Your Desk

Cost:   FREE



David Day, our featured speaker, is the NADEC’s Trade Policy Co-Chair and the Chairman of the Belt & Road Task force of the American Bar Association’s International Section.



Christina Luhn, PhD, Missouri DEC Trade Policy Liaison Officer





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