Looking For International Distributors?

Looking For International Distributors? Here Are Key Ways To Identify, Recruit, And Win Them Over!

A good distributor is essential for most SMEs to grow their sales internationally, so finding the right in-market partner is key. But once that relationship is established, distributors need to be nurtured, maintained and managed. All this was challenging enough, but in this age of social distancing, as trade shows, frequent air travel and face-to-face meetings all get pushed back, companies are looking for digital alternatives. Exporters today need innovative online solutions that help them identify, recruit, and manage their international distributor networks. Localized websites can do that job!


Distributors look for companies with high demand / high margin products. To attract them, showcase your innovations, new product launches, and success stories. Again, a localized website provides an ideal forum for local distributors to view products and understand your unique selling points, your technologies and your brand.


A localized online presence also shows a potential distributor that you are a great company to work with. Online tools are the best sales assets a distributor can hope for and you have already provided these tailored to their market.


Finally, a localized online presence shows the investment that your company has made in that country – an appealing attribute to any local distributor who is concerned about the long-term commitment a company makes to international markets. Your company stands head and shoulders above those without localized online solutions ready-made for a local distributor.


Are you ready to build a localized web presence that will attract, maintain, and meet the needs of your distributors in your target market? Would you like to learn more great ways to draw in distributors from territories you’d like to build your presence in?


Follow this link below for our full how-to guide or feel free to get in touch for more information!


Distributor how-to guide


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