Chuck Fiske


At Large Member

Kentucky DEC


Chuck Fiske is the Global Trade Compliance Specialist for Valvoline. For over 150 years Valvoline has been producing motor oils, transmission oils, and coolants for cars and trucks.  Chuck is responsible for Valvoline’s Customs Compliance in the Americas. He also assists local Compliance Specialists around the globe.   

Since assuming responsibilities of DEC Chair, and during this Pandemic-- when most contact is web-based-- he has worked with the other members of the DEC to create (and host) interesting webinars that seek to combine the resources and connections of the private and public worlds. Featuring the comments of CEOs and Congressman James Comerthey may be viewed at our website:  

Prior to the Pandemiche hosted several in-person meetings in Lexington between exporters and USCS Trade Specialists (AccessAsia)He also hosted round table meeting with local exporters featuring EXIM Bank’s Chair Kimberly Reed and Congressman Andy BarrIn October of 2018, he visited Washington D.C. to participate in NADEC meetings and to lobby for specific rules-of-origin in the USMCA.

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