Ernesto Pinal

NextScan / ST Imaging
Business Information: 
NextScan / ST Imaging 690 S. Industry Way Meridian, ID 83642, USA

Ernesto Pinal has more than 18 years of experience and accomplishments in the high-tech industry. An engineer by training with a wide exposure to the areas of product development, product and program management, strategic marketing, and international business development.  Ernesto has acquired his professional experience through multiple positions in a diverse pool of large ( Motorola & IBM), medium (Printrak International & Universal Electronics), and small size organizations ( NextScan & Plasmon Data Systems).  This exposure to a great diversity of business environments and sizes has provided him with a wide vision and understanding of the international business idiosyncrasies and cultures. Beginning his professional career in the Data Storage Industry, later on he moved into the Biometrics Solutions Industry, then to the Wireless Control Industry, and he is currently engaged in the Document Imaging Industry. He has held the position of General Manager for the SunRise Technology Group, a former Motorola company,  Executive Vice President for NextScan, Worldwide Product Manager for the Livescans Biometrics Solutions at Motorola, Director of Chanel Sales and Product Management with Plasmon Data Systems, Sr. Program Manager of Core Technologies with Universal Electronics, among others. Ernesto has been responsible for the design and implementation of NextScan’s international market expansion and export strategy. Such strategy has resulted in NextScan currently exporting 38% of its deployments (going from 7% originally), to customers in 44 countries situated in five continents. NextScan develops all its software and hardware locally employing 100% local talent, contributing to the innovation and intellectual property advances of Idaho and of the U.S.