Thomas Malloy


Connecticut District Export Council

Tom is a Connecticut businessman with 40 years of international experience in the fields of trade credit, political risk insurance, and finance. He worked with Foreign Credit Insurance Association in New York as National Accounts Manager and a leading global insurance brokerage in the early 1980’s as Vice President, before co-founded Risk Protection International (RPI) in 1987. Tom holds a B.S.- Economics degree from Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven, CT. and an M.S. - Finance degree from the Graduate School of Business, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT. He has actively served in numerous Town, State, and Federal positions and received appointments on sundry Councils, Boards, and Foundations. He is currently a Director of the Sikorsky Financial Credit Union as well as the Community Economic Development Authority of Connecticut. He served as three-term Advisory Board Member for the Export-Import Bank of the United States, spanning the Bush and Obama Presidencies. During the Reagan Administration, he served on the Grace Commission and received a Presidential Citation for volunteer work on behalf of the federal government. Tom is a well-known public speaker and expert in the diverse paradigms of international trade, risk mitigation, and government. He has a demonstrated ability to apply communicative and analytical skills to new environments and advocates cross-platform applications of best practices.

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