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NADEC Mission

The National Association of District Export Councils (NADEC) increases awareness and understanding of the importance of exports to the US economy through education, legislative outreach and engagement with DECs and other relevant stakeholders. NADEC is a non-profit corporation that maintains a 501(c)(6) federal income tax status.

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NADEC Board of Directors

NADEC consists of 16 District Export Council (DEC) board members who have been elected to the NADEC by DEC members from each of the eight U.S. Commercial Service Networks. In addition, 8 associate members serve at the NADEC.

District Export Councils (DECs)

District Export Councils are organizations of business leaders from local communities, appointed by various U.S. Secretaries of Commerce, whose knowledge of and expertise in international business provides a source of professional advice for their region’s local firms. Closely affiliated with the U.S. Commerce Department’s Export Assistance Centers and the U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service, over 60 DECs that exist throughout the country support the U.S. Government’s export promotion efforts.

Currently, there are approximately 1,500 DEC members who volunteer their time and specialized expertise to assist small and medium-sized businesses in their local communities establish or increase export sales, thus promoting our country’s economic growth and creating new and higher-paying jobs for their communities. DEC members also sponsor and participate in numerous trade promotion activities, as well as advocate for effective trade policy positions.

In addition, DECs play a major role in the planning and coordination of export activities for their communities. As a lead organization serving the international business community, DECs have the capacity to facilitate the development of an effective export assistance network and can assist in coordinating the activities of trade assistance partners to leverage available resources.

DECs also serve as a communications link between the business community and the U.S. & Foreign Commercial Service, and support the export expansion activities of the U.S. Commerce Department in a variety of ways within their communities.   While DECs are a creation of the U.S. Government and individual DEC members receive governmental appointments. neither DECs nor DEC members represent the U.S. Government in their capacity as DECs or as DEC members, respectively.

Mission of the DECs

The mission of the District Export Councils is supported through activities such as:

•  Counseling and mentoring of local businesses in exporting;
•  Identifying export financing sources for businesses;
•  Creating greater export awareness in the business community locally;
•  Identifying issues affecting export trade and implementation of suggestions for improvement;
•  Advocating trade policy and legislation supporting exporters and the U.S. export sector;
•  Supporting programs and services of the U.S. Export Assistance Centers;
•  Building local export assistance partnerships with other trade-related organizations;
•  Providing export training and education to small and medium-sized businesses
•  Encouraging students to consider a career path in global trade by offering teaching and student resources

District Export Councils support their mission using funds that are generated through DEC fundraising, events and other activities, without any governmental appropriations. While DECs may earn revenue and retain net earnings, they may not distribute their retained earnings to any person.

History of DEC

DEC of the Year

Each year, the National Association of District Export Councils (NADEC) recognizes one local District Export Council’s excellence and successes by awarding the “DEC of the Year” during the Annual Export Conference. Click on the names below to learn more about each DEC.

2021North Texas
2020No Award (due to COVID)
2019No Award (due to the rescheduling of the conference)
2017Hawaii Pacific
2016San Diego
2014Southern California
2012Texas Camino Real
2010North Carolina

Secretary of the Year

Additionally, beginning in 2017, the National Association of District Export Councils (NADEC) also recognizes one Executive Secretary’s excellence and successes by awarding the “Executive Secretary of the Year” during the Annual Export Conference.

2022 – Heather Ranck
2021 – Robert Stackpole
2020No Award (due to COVID)
2019No Award (due to the rescheduling of the conference)
2018 – Erin Butler
2017 – Greg Sizemore

The National Association of District Export Councils (NADEC) works to support the regional District Export Councils throughout the United States.






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