Your Trade Policy & Legislative Affairs Committee

The mission of the Trade Policy and Legislative Affairs Committee is to identify, support, and promote the trade policies of the U.S. that will result in an increase in U.S. exports, enhancement of the competitive position of U.S. exporters, and improvement in the U.S. balance of trade. In addition, this committee’s mission includes identification, supports and advocacy of key trade legislative issues which impact American exporters (particularly small to medium-sized exporters), the U.S. export competitive position, the Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, the U.S. Commercial Service, and the legislative activities of the local DECs.

These trade legislative issues include matters such as free trade agreements and federal government exporter assistance programs, including, for example, US&FCS Gold Key programs and U.S. Export-Import Bank export financing programs. Trade Policy and Legilative Affairs Committee also identifies foreign trade barriers that hinder U.S. exporters and exports, as well as the U.S. legislative and regulatory policies that are disincentives to exporting. While performing its tasks Trade Policy and Legislative Affairs committee works together with the Regional Legislative Coordinators who are appointed to coordinate the legislative affairs at eight regional District Export Council networks in the U.S.

Current Trade Policy Articles by David Day, Co-Chair

Trade Policy and Legislative Affairs committee includes the following sub-committees and working groups:

• Domestic and Americas Sub-committee

• Asia Sub-committee

• Europe Sub-committee

• Middle East and Africa Sub-committee

• Global Investment in America Sub-committee

National DEC Members Serving on the Trade Policy & Legislative Affairs Committee

David Day


ernesto pinal


Scott Blacklin


Peter Jones


Charles Fiske


Tom Dustman


Miles Hansen


Urszula Wojciechowska


Mark Ballam


Nick Grooters


Jay Carreiro


Nate LaMar

Advisory Board

Sandy Renner


john saylor


Susanne Stirling