Your NADEC Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of the National Association of District Export Councils (NADEC) increases awareness and understanding of the importance of exports to the U.S. economy, and to reach audiences beyond local District Export Councils and government officials. The Advisory Board includes international trade leaders, such as former officers of the U.S. Department of Commerce, former U.S. ambassadors, and former chairs of NADEC.

Members and officers of the Advisory Board are appointed by the NADEC Board of Directors. Members serve for a term of four years, renewable once for a second term. The Advisory Board is not involved in the operations of NADEC, which continue to be the responsibility of the NADEC Board of Directors.

The Advisory Board convened a taskforce to prepare a white paper highlighting the strategic needs of U.S. exporters to meet the global competitive challenges of the 21st century. The purpose of this white paper is to underscore the urgent global competitive threats facing America’s export model, principally from China but also from other major competitors. Proposals contained herein recommend resource solutions and updated organizational structures required to help America retain and create more noble export jobs in America and strengthen U.S. competitiveness globally.

Robert Brown

Co-Chair of the advisory board

Dr. Ozkan Erdem

Co-chair of the advisory board

Amb. Craig Allen

President, U.S. - China Business Council

carmine d'aloisio

Carmine D'aloisio

Richard Grana

President/Owner, impex


Associate Director of Regional Initiatives, Ball State University


Dr. Christina Luhn

Senior Trade Policy Adviser

thomas e moore jr

Thomas e. moore, jr.

Adam Wilczewski

Executive Vice President, Resolute Public Affairs