Trade Policy and Legislative Affairs

The mission of the Trade Policy and Legislative Affairs Committee is to identify, support, and promote the trade policies of the U.S. that will result in an increase in U.S. exports, enhancement of the competitive position of U.S. exporters, and improvement in the U.S. balance of trade. In addition, this committee’s mission includes identification, supports and advocacy of key trade legislative issues which impact American exporters (particularly small to medium-sized exporters), the U.S. export competitive position, the Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, the U.S. Commercial Service, and the legislative activities of the local DECs. These trade legislative issues include matters such as free trade agreements and federal government exporter assistance programs, including, for example, US&FCS Gold Key programs and U.S. Export-Import Bank export financing programs. Trade Policy and Legilative Affairs Committee also identifies foreign trade barriers that hinder U.S. exporters and exports, as well as the U.S. legislative and regulatory policies that are disincentives to exporting.

While performing its tasks Trade Policy and Legislative Affairs committee continuously communicates and works together with Regional Legislative Coordinators who are appointed to coordinate the legislative affairs at eight regional District Export Council networks in the U.S.


Outreach and Education

The mission of the Outreach and Education Committee is to communicate with local DECs regarding activities engaged in by the National DEC, to be a resource for sharing Best Practices among the DECs, to support the efforts of U.S. Export Assistance Centers, and to provide information to the public regarding trade and exporting. This mission is accomplished by regular communication between the National DEC, local DECs and USEAC offices.



The NADEC Communications Committee communicates essential international business and trade information to local DECs, allowing American businesses to make informed decisions and increase their export activities.


The primary mission of the NADEC Events Committee is to plan and execute the NADEC Annual Export Conference, traditionally held during World Trade Month in May.  The Events Committee may also be used to plan and execute other events as directed by the NADEC Executive Committee.  The duties of the Events Committee include, but are not limited to, creating the event agenda, recruiting moderators and speakers, selection of event sites, negotiating event venue contracts, execution of the agenda and logistical and technical support for the event.

Export University Liaison

The mission of the Export University Liaison is to manage the relationship between the National District Export Council and Export University, Inc. and to support the implementation and offerings of the Export University program and courses by the District Export Councils. For more information on the Export University program, please visit the Export University.




The National Association of District Export Councils (NADEC) works to support the regional District Export Councils throughout the United States.






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