Our Partners

The NADEC is pleased to announce that it has joined together with Virginia/DC District Export Council to provide the District Export Councils (DECs) across the country opportunities to access the variety of resources in nation’s capital as well as assistance in DECs’ trade advocacy efforts. For further information, please contact Virginia-D.C. District Export Council.

The NADEC is pleased to announce that it has joined together with NASBITE International to provide the District Export Councils (DECs) and outstanding exporters across the country with a corporate pathway that will allow them to earn the Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) designation. In most states, the mission of the District Export Council is supported through activities such as counseling and mentoring of local businesses in exporting, as well through the provision of export training and education through various programs. In this initiative, NADEC is recognizing the CGBP as a designation that sets a high standard for professional knowledge in the field. The CGBP designation encompasses knowledge in Global Business Management, Global Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Trade Finance, Legal and Regulatory Compliance, Intercultural Awareness, Technology and Trade-related Resources.  NADEC will therefore offer a special education package to DEC members, and to outstanding exporters that are nominated by them, to help the professionals in these organizations achieve this prestigious designation. Raising the level of knowledge and expertise in international trade will help DEC members enhance their own business efforts and better support exporters in their roles as consultants, mentors, and trainers nationwide.  NASBITE International is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation that was established over 30 years ago as an association of North American Small Business International Trade Educators. NASBITE is the leading authority and industry standard for global business education, trade credentialing, training and practice.  Its mission is “to advance global business practice, education and training”, which is accomplished by facilitating educators, trainers and practitioners in support of their collective interests in support of global business.