Business and Agricultural Leaders Comment on Senate TPA Vote

May 14, 2015
Washington D.C. – The Trade Benefits America Coalition, a broad-based group of more than 260 leading U.S. business and agricultural associations and companies, issued the following statement on a Senate vote to start debate on Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation:
“We commend the Senate for voting to begin debate on the bipartisan TPA-2015 legislation that would help the United States secure the best possible trade agreements to benefit America’s businesses, farmers, and workers,” said David Thomas, President of the Trade Benefits America Coalition. “This bipartisan TPA legislation is critical to help open markets for American-made goods and services and level the playing field with our foreign competitors. We hope the Senate will have a constructive debate and pass this important legislation as soon as possible.”
For more information on the importance of passing the TPA-2015 legislation to help support U.S. growth and jobs, visit is external).
The Trade Benefits America Coalition includes a wide range of associations and companies that are dedicated to the pursuit of U.S. international trade agreements that benefit American businesses, farmers, workers, and consumers. The Coalition believes that passage of modernized Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) legislation is important to help ensure America continues to benefit from trade.