Recording of Export Sanctions: A Review in Light of Current World Affairs

Date & Time
9 June 2022 -
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

As part of the Oregon District Export Council’s Lunch & Learn series, this webinar will provide a recap on Sanctions, types, risk exposure and red flags,  and key market awareness considerations in light of current world affairs (i.e. Russia).  Bring your business concerns and questions for a productive dialog around complex issues impacting international trade. Discuss led by practicing legal export compliance experts.

Presentation and Conversation covering: 

  • What Sanctions are/are not
  • Types of Sanctions
  • Impact to U.S. Exporters / Risks of Non-Compliance
  • Stakeholders (government agencies that impose and who they apply to)
  • Spotting Potential Issues / Red Flags
  • Recent Activities / Market Awareness (i.e. Russia)

Discuss led by:

Jon Yormick, Northern Ohio District Export Council
Flannery Georgalis LLC

Akana Ma, Oregon District Export Council
Buchalter Law Firm LLC

You can view the recording HERE.