Recording of How to Effectively Manage International Employees

Date & Time
24 March 2022 -
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Discover how to increase productivity, reduce conflict, and improve cross-cultural communication with your International Employees.

–Learn practical techniques and long-term strategies to leverage their expertise and maximize your ROI, while enhancing their professional growth & development.
–Understand why your employees from other countries are different from you (and why you are different from them).
–Develop an environment in your company that enhances success for everyone.

This practical (and not boring!) webinar is open to everyone – DEC members and other exporters. Do you have a specific issue? You may send questions to the speaker , Kelly Watkins– 

Kelly has also graciously provided this handout Steps to Improve Executive Professionalism for all who watch the recording.


Kelly Watkins, MBA, has witnessed Leadership from awesome to awful … all over the planet (on all 7 continents & all 50 US states). Kelly is President of Expressive Concepts, which helps companies develop their High-Level & High-Potential Leaders – preparing them to succeed in a global environment. Expressive Concepts provides customized Long-Term Programs, Seminars, & Executive Coaching in Leadership Development. They also work cross-culturally with International Professionals. Kelly has written 6 books and 100+ articles. She has taught university courses in Global Management, Leadership, & Communication. Kelly is Past President of National Speakers Association/KY. Do your employees have Executive Professionalism™? Find out –