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Exporting to the E.U.: Navigating the Three Major Stumbling Blocks

Date & Time
22 February 2023 -
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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The E.U. is the world’s second largest economy at $16.6 Trillion Dollars. This economy constitutes an opportunity and also some challenges for U.S. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that wish to export to the E.U. SMEs must understand several principles including the fact that not all E.U. nations represent fully developed economies, but rather emerging ones, typically in Central and Eastern Europe. Both the emerging markets and fully developed ones offer U.S. exporters great opportunities!

This webinar has been created to assist SMEs in dealing with the three largest stumbling blocks that they will face. These include Currency, Packaging/Regulations and Data Privacy. First, SMEs must be aware that all E.U. countries do not share a common currency. While it is true that Western European nations use the Euro, Central and Eastern European nations often use their own currency. The difference in exchange rates can often cause SMEs confusion. Banks can often assist SMEs in dealing with this hurdle but you have to ask yourself: “Is my bank capable of assisting me with this?”. There are also 24 official languages in the E.U., which makes packaging and instructions confusing as well. We will discuss best practices on how to navigate packaging in the E.U. Finally, we will cover Data Privacy and how to deal with the rules and regulations that the EU imposes.  

At the end of the webinar, our goal is to prepare SMEs to be successful in exporting to the E.U. while navigating three of the most challenging items that SMEs will face. Watch the Recording HERE!

Heidi Whitman

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