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Northeast Asia Market Overview In Person Seminar

Northeast Asia Market Overview In Person Seminar

Date & Time
13 April 2023 -
11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Location Details
Idaho Department of Agriculture
2270 Old Penitentiary Rd
Boise, Idaho 83712

US Exporters exporting to Asia

Event Information

Are you considering selling your products or service in China, Taiwan, or Japan? Join us for this seminar to hear a stellar lineup of experts discuss opportunities in the three markets. A panel discussion will focus on how you can tap into a multitude of free or low-cost export assistance from agencies such as the Small Business Administration, the Idaho District Export Council, Idaho State Department of Agriculture, Idaho Commerce, etc.


Gerd Uitdewilligen, Chair for the Idaho District Export Council to MC

9:30 a.m. Welcome – Chanel Tewalt, Mike Fong and CG YOSHIOKA Yuzo (Shannon Madsen if Mike is not available) Each welcome speaker has 2 minutes
9:36 a.m. Recognize Sponsors and Housekeeping Items – Gerd
9:40 a.m. Country Presentation – Japan – Mr. HAYASHI Yotetsu
10:00 a.m. Country Presentation – China – Mrs. Tara Qu
10:20 a.m. Country Presentation – Taiwan – Mr. Eddie Yen
10:40 a.m. Panel Discussion and Q&A – Mrs. Misako Ito Shiozaki (Japan), Tara Qu (China), Eddie Yen (Taiwan), Tina Salisbury – Idaho Commerce (Resource Panel), Jim Newton – SBA (Resource Panel), Amy Benson – USCS (Resource Panel), Laura Johnson or Chelsea Conlon – ISDA (Resource Panel)
China Highlights:

China is Idaho’s 4th largest export market.
Best prospects for U.S. exports: Agriculture, Aviation, Automotive, Cosmetics and Toiletries, Design and Construction Services, Education, Energy, Environmental Technology, Healthcare

Taiwan Highlights:

Taiwan is Idaho’s 2nd largest export market.
Best prospects for U.S. exports: aerospace and defense, electric power equipment and energy, ICT & telecommunications equipment, machinery and tools, medical devices, education, and franchising. Travel and tourism. The best prospects for U.S. exports for agriculture-related products include soybeans, beef and beef products, corn, wheat, and fresh fruit.

Japan Highlights:

Japan is Idaho’s 5th largest export market.
Best prospects for U.S. exports: Agricultural Sector, Financial Technology, Aircraft and Related Parts, Industrial Machine Tools, Medical Devices, Civil Nuclear Power, Cloud Computing, Defense Procurement, Nuclear Decommissioning, Pharmaceuticals, and Semiconductors

CG YOSHIOKA Yuzo – Japan General Counsel Portland
HAYASHI Yotetsu – Chief Executive Director of the Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO) San Francisco
Misako Ito Shiozaki – Director, Business Development & Public Relations, JETRO San Francisco
Mrs. Tara Qu – Chief Representative Idaho-China Office
Eddie Yen – Chief Representative Idaho-Taiwan Office
Jennifer Verdon/Tina Salisbury – Idaho Department of Commerce
Shannon Madsen and/Jim Newton – Small Business Administration
Amy Benson – U.S. Commercial Service and Idaho District Export Council
Laura Johnson – Idaho State Department of Agriculture
Mike Fong – Small Business Administration
Jim Newton – SBA

*One on One Consultations Available After the Seminar

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Questions or Additional Information
Jennifer Verdon | Manager, Idaho Commerce
Office: 208.287.3165 or Jennifer.Verdon@commerce.idaho.gov



Jennifer Verdon

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