Recording of South Bound Trade Initiative

Date & Time
17 February 2022 -
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

A Fresh Approach to Trade and National Security in the Americas by Leveraging the Hemisphere’s Free Trade Agreements and Reshoring Competitive Advantages  

Businesses in the post Covid era may be motivated or forced to recalculate and fine-tune their global manufacturing and supply strategies. Diversification from Asia in general, from supply management to manufacturing and regionalization will gain a significant position to become more strategic than ever. Thinking globally while acting locally may be the new paradigm for international businesses. Through this program we will bring you an innovative prospective on how to leverage the implementation of the new USMCA, Mexico’s and Latin American competitive reshoring options with the existing FTAs in the Americas creating healthy and diversified regional business strategies, more local and less vulnerable to geographical and geopolitical challenges.  Program participants shall gain a vision of a new alternative about opportunities for developing sustainable and less dependent from Asia business strategies within the Americas, building a region in the Americas of common producers and common consumers.  

Chief Architect – Ernesto Pinal is the Elected Representative for the Pacific West of the National Association of District Export Councils (ADEC) in Washington DC, he is also member of the Idaho District Export Council (IDEC). Mr. Pinal is an advocate for export promotion with ample experience growing exports in several companies.  He is the Managing Director of Export Optimizers, an organization dedicated to advocate for trade practices that are sustainable and beneficial for the Americas.