Dr. Ozkan Erdem

Ozkan  Erdem  serves as the Chair of the National Association of the District Export Councils and Chair of the Central-North Florida DEC. He has  extensive  experience  in  export control, customs and international trade issues with a strong background in electronics, computer, software, information security, industry automation, material processing, mobility/transportation, defense technologies and manufacturing industries for more than 20 years. His primary focus areas are U.S. EAR, ITAR, OFAC and NRC controls, end-use and end-user screening, export classifications, compliance program development, encryption items, compliance audits, training, global technology transfers and export documentation.
He managed import and export compliance activities at Siemens Corporation, Industry, Infrastructure, and Energy sectors separately and he served as the global export compliance manager at Texas Instruments, Inc. In these positions, Dr. Erdem played critical roles regarding ongoing compliance with the export/deemed export regulations that are applicable to company products, systems, software and related technology. In addition to training of thousands of employees and mentoring foreign trade compliance managers, he successfully audited the U.S. based sites and facilities and foreign subsidiaries in more than 15 countries. As one of the few compliance experts specializing in controlled products and technologies with a technical background, he had been involved in simplification initiatives taken by the U.S. Department of Commerce-BIS for the encryption control regulations, working closely with the U.S. Department of Commerce and industry associations.
Mr. Erdem regularly presents on several export control compliance seminars and webinars.
Prior to his experience in trade compliance, Dr. Erdem led challenging projects including design of networks and infrastructure for secure telecommunications systems at governmental organizations and defense industry. He was also member of the NATO Information Security subcommittee - PKI WG between 1998 and 2001 and took several roles in design, implementation and deployment of NATO secure messaging systems.
Mr. Erdem obtained his B.Sc. degree in Mathematics from Middle East Technical University in 1996, and his Ph.D. degree in Electronics & Computer Engineering from Oregon State University in 2005. His research topics included authentication and key management protocols for mobile networks.