Jonathan Szucs

Comm. Officer
Business Information:
Advanced Superabrasives, Inc
Jonathan Szucs is the current General Manager of Advanced Superabrasives Inc. A company, which in 2013, received the Presidential “E” Award for Exporting Excellence. In 2004 he graduated from AB Tech with a degree in Computer Engineering Technology. Following this he received his Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology Degree from Western Carolina University in 2006. Upon earning his degree he joined Advanced Superabrasives as an Engineer and quickly grew to love exporting and traveling. One of his biggest achievements is the exporting of a Superabrasive wheel to Mars on the Curiosity Rover. He currently spearheads all new markets for ASI and is in charge of all international sales teams that ASI is forming. As part of his new duties, Jonathan is also in charge of training new “Sales Engineers” in the art of international business for ASI. He is also General Manager of Advanced Superabrasives International, a sister company located in Hong Kong. Jonathan is also Vice Chairman of the North Carolina District Export Council and helps companies that want to export to countries around the world. Recently Jonathan was elected to serve on the National District Export Council Steering Committee in Washington, D.C. As part of Jonathan’s drive to improve Western North Carolina, he is also a member of Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy board for Land of Sky. Jonathan has a passion for teaching as well and is on several local Industrial Advisory Boards. His latest project is on a leadership board for the newly formed RAMP initiative. RAMP stands for Raising Awareness of Manufacturing Possibilities, which is designed to reach out to middle, and high school students in helping them choose a career in Advanced Manufacturing. Jonathan also is the Chair of the Youth Committee for the Mountain Area Workforce Development Board. When Jonathan is not engaged in all of his projects, he enjoys his time with his wife and two children.

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