Outreach & Education Committee

The mission of the Outreach and Education Committee is to communicate with local DECs regarding activities engaged in by the National DEC, to be a resource for sharing Best Practices among the DECs, to support the efforts of U.S. Export Assistance Centers, and to provide information to the public regarding trade and exporting. This mission is accomplished by regular communication between the National DEC, local DECs and USEAC offices.
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1. To establish better communication between the National DEC and local DECs by conducting Quarterly Regional DEC Leadership Teleconferences consisting of the two NDEC members, the Commercial Service Hub Director, the DEC Chairs. and the DEC Executive Secretaries within each of the eight Commercial Service Network regions.


2. To promote and encourage the sharing of Best Practices amongst the DECs.


3. To promote and encourage DECs to jointly engage in meetings, events, and conferences with their local regions.

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National DEC Members Serving on the Outreach and Education Committee

Tom Dustman
Co-Chair of the Education & Outreach Committee